Monday, July 23, 2012

recycled charms swap

Lynn Stevens
made from an old key, typewriter-key and old jewelry  

Marsha Mees made from old jewelry 

Kimberly laws made from velvet leaf, lace old key and button 

Peace Schuyler made from old school rule,old buttons and beads

Becky Swartzlander made from old metal bobbin and jewelry  

Wendy Aspinall made from broken china and jewelry 
I have to say these charms are so fabulous . They aren't recycled but up cycled into things of beauty. Thank you to all that took part  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

fancy a swap? A mermaid faeries wand

Deep below in the warm waters of the ocean a lone mermaid sits combing her long sea weeded hair....on a rock by her lays her faerie wand given to her by faerie god mother. 

This swap is still open the due date to mail out is the 10 th of September. So still plenty of time to cast up a fantasy mermaid inspired wand for your partner.   UPDATE I closed out the swap today the partners are posted on the group message board 

The details are in the database   

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Vintage Gluebook Page Swap...April, May, June

May, Shades of Blue....Kimberly Laws

June, Here Comes the Bride...Jan Larson

May, Shades of Blue....Peace Schuyler

April, Springtime....Janet Ghio

June, Here Comes the Bride....JoAnne Balaz

May, Shades of Blue....Linda McMillin

April, Springtime....Peace Schuyler

June, Here Comes the Bride...Kimberly Laws

June, Here Comes the Bride....Peace Schuyler

June, Here Comes the Bride...Janet Ghio

June, Here Comes the Bride....Kim Smith

June, Here Comes the Bride....Linda McMillin

May, Shades of Blue....Karla Jackson

June, Here Comes the Bride....Wendy Aspinall

April, Springtime....Sandy Scholz

April, Springtime....Wendy Aspinall

May, Shades of Blue....Kim Smith

A beautiful sampling of some of the 4x6 vintage gluebook pages for our ongoing monthly page swap on blissfullART!