about us

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blissfull ART swaps is for
experienced artists who are looking for a fun, safe, active place to swap. We will offer a variety of swaps and challenges throughout the year, focusing on whimsical and vintage themes.

This is a group for **experienced** altered art/mixed media artists who have a passion for creating high-quality vintage inspired art.  

After you request membership, you will need to provide high quality digital images of your work, a link to your blog or other art site and fill in the questionnaire... please may sure you add your name and not just your yahoo ID.

If you have a referral from a current member, please let us know who sent you. 

 Because we want this group to be a fun , safe and active group. 
 we are  looking for you to have swapped with Blissfull ATC for at lease six months or taken part in one of my swaps on my art blog. 

It should be understood that group members will only submit their best work in all swaps that they join. Art submitted by group members should be assembled well and created using the best available materials. Group members will be required to participate in at least one swap every six months to ensure that the group remains active.

Please feel free to check out the Blissfull ART blog http://blissfullartswaps.blogspot.com and if you have any questions feel free to email us. Let the swapping begin !

blissfull art swaps is hosted on Yahoo Groups at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/blissfullARTswaps   

We hope you will consider joining us on an fun artistic journey!